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Digimon Adventure: (デジモンアドベンチャー:, Dejimon Adobenchā:) is an anime television series adaption of original Digimon Adventure. It is a reboot of Digimon Adventure, and was start airing on April 5, 2020. On April 19, 2020, the series was put on indefinite hiatus because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It returns on June 7, re-starting from the first episode.


It is the year 2020 A.D. Computer networks have become an irreplaceable component for human lifestyles. However, what humans don't know is that on the other side of the network lives an endless world, the Digital World, and the Digimon who live there...

Large-scale network malfunctions occur in the capital city area. Streetlights blink erratically, big screen advertisements are filled with garbled text. The news reports it as cyber terrorism.

The main character is fifth grader Taichi Yagami, who lives in a high-rise apartment building in the Tokyo suburbs. He has stayed at home on his own in order to prepare for summer camp at the end of the week, but his mother and younger sister Hikari who have gone out to Shibuya are trapped inside a moving train that cannot brake.

Taichi hurries to Shibuya to save his mom and sister, but the moment he heads to the train station platform... Something strange happens and Taichi finds himself in the Digital World!

The children meet their Digimon partners and face an unknown "adventure"...!

List of Episodes

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  • Director: Masato Mitsuka
  • Producer: Matsuki Hanae, Naoko Sagawa, and Hiroyuki Sakurada
  • Script: Atsuhiro Tomioka
  • Character designer: Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru
  • Chief animation director: Akihiro Asanuma
  • Art director: Ryouka Kinoshita
  • Art setting: Toshiki Amada
  • Animation Production: Toei Animation

Cast and Voice Actors

Character Japanese Voice Actor
Taichi Yagami Yuko Sanpei
Agumon Chika Sakamoto
Hikari Yagami Misaki Watada
Gatomon Mie Sonozaki
Yamato Ishida Daisuke Namikawa
Gabumon Mayumi Yamaguchi
Takeru Takaishi Megumi Han
Patamon Miwa Matsumoto
Sora Takenouchi Ryoko Shiraishi
Biyomon Atori Shigematsu
Koshiro Izumi Yumiko Kobayashi
Tentomon Takahiro Sakurai
Mimi Tachikawa Marika Kono
Palmon Shihomi Mizowaki
Joe Kido Takeshi Kusao
Gomamon Junko Takeuchi





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