Digimon Adventure Psi Wiki
  1. Do not copy information from Digimon Wikia.
  2. Do not add Fan Digimon and Fan fiction.
  3. Need Digimon's Attacks gifs without Subtitles.
  4. Do not add Digimon Adventure, Tamers, Frontier, Savers, Xros Wars or Universe: Appli Monsters.
  5. You have to write your own sentences.
  6. Do not add or write false information.
  7. Keep information accurate. If something is ambiguous or common speculation, mention it as such.
  8. On that note, no vandalizing articles with incorrect or unrelated info, or deleting entire content of a page
  9. No bullying other users
  10. No swearing in comments or blogs, since the show is mostly family-friendly. Hell and damn are fine though
  11. No spamming
  12. No trolling