SandYanmamon (サウンドバードモン)



When Birdramon is flying Sora TakenouchiJoe KidoGomamonYamato Ishida, and Gabumon through the desert they are suddenly attacked by two SandYanmamon, which forces Birdramon to land and revert back to Biyomon. Just as Gabumon was about to fight them, they are destroyed by a SkullScorpionmon that appeared from underground. Another SandYanmamon flies through the desert alongside a Soundbirdmon. Later Birdramon and Ikkakumon are attacked by three SandYanmamon however they are destroyed by Birdramon and Garurumon, who joins the battle after Birdramon had been reverted back to Biyomon by the SkullScorpionmon. All the the SandYanmamon incorrectly have Yanmamon's colors.

Power & Abilities


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